Building Blocks

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Fri, 2010-12-31 20:50

As we day goodbye to 2010 (and the first decade of the 21st century) I’d like to share with you our building blocks for creating and establishing Net Optics solutions in 2011 and the years to come.

The outstanding performance and acceptance of Net Optics solutions have driven growth beyond our origins as a Tap company to a broader paradigm encompassing access, management, and control. We have entered an exciting era of progress in these key areas, with singular opportunities to help customers raise efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness while controlling costs and scaling to meet the challenges of 10G and beyond.

Net Optics Solutions building blocks


To help customers meet growing challenges and optimize efficiency, we are centralizing and enhancing management with Indigo software and the Indigo Pro Management solution. As the size of deployments grows, Net Optics delivers “single pane of glass” management resources, with a dashboard, rich graphics and the ability to collect and visualize traffic statistics across the network “when every packet counts.”


Net Optics’ Director family helps our customers to master an environment of multiple threats and complexities as network volumes and pressures soar. Director models offer advanced aggregation, dynamic and static load balancing, total visibility, Deep Packet Inspection, port mapping, packet capture, ingress/egress filtering, and more underscoring Net Optics leadership. The new xBalancer offers unrivaled options for distributing heavy traffic loads and keeping tools performing optimally.


In a dynamic, changing landscape, Net Optics’ pledge is to provide a flexible, scalable form factor that enables customers to expand and grow according to their plans. Our sophisticated Bypass solutions, Taps, and landmark Gig Zero Delay capabilities help ensure trouble-free protection against link, application, and power failure. Moving into 10G and beyond, we offer the highest density and connectivity, 100 percent visibility, and scalability to protect your traffic flow and the integrity of your business-critical data.

During 2o11 we will focus our efforts to provide additional value in those 3 areas.

Happy new year.