University of Bradford Workshop: The Need to Monitor Speed

Posted By: admin
Wed, 2010-06-30 20:50

Greetings from Bradford.

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting at a workshop hosted jointly by the University of Bradford and Net Optics partner, MarQuest Ltd., This is a one-day event that focuses on high-speed networking for security and performance. Workshops will cover such issues as minimizing analysis tool costs, performance-related security in high-speed networks, and developing an effective monitoring infrastructure.

The event features Professor Demetres Kouvatsos Head of the Networks and Performance Engineering Research Group (NetPEn), Informatics Research Institute (IRI), University of Bradford. Chris Bloom, WildPackets Principal Software Engineer/ Developer Evangelist, Chris Devereux, Motorola Senior Technical Architect and myself.

The topics covered will concentrate on the challenges of monitoring and analyzing data from networks which transport gigabit data streams. This will include the following areas:-

  • Developing an effective monitoring infrastructure.
  • Minimizing analysis tool costs.
  • Techniques for network forensics.
  • Performance Related Security in High Speed Networks.
  • Monitoring security in high speed wireless infrastructure.

I have developed a new presentation trying to keep it “vendor free” while presenting my thoughts on developing the right infrastructure for effective monitoring. One of the thoughts that I will be presenting is related  to the different tradeoff between the different functions derived by business decisions:

  • Performance vs. Accuracy
  • Security vs. Connectivity (my favorite)
  • False Positive vs. False Negative
  • Price vs. Features.
  • Ease of use vs. Availability and features

I’ll post the slides after tomorrow.