Interop 2010 Data Access and Monitoring Survey

Posted By: admin
Tue, 2010-05-11 20:50
During the Interop event, team Net Optics experimented a new survey software with the iPads. The team run a data access and monitoring survey from the iPads that were also used to demonstrate Indigo Pro. It was fun to watch how everybody drive tested the iPads but more important, the survey  yielded an eye-opening snapshot of customer readiness: We had offered respondents the opportunity to participate in a drawing for an iPad (100 percent jumped at that!). The following list shows the percentage results (%) for a specific question.
  • Nearly 67% maintain a combination of security tools; some in-line and others connected passively
  • 23.6% use open source monitoring tools
  • Nearly 75% believe that they have less than 75% visibility
  • Only 6% felt they had “very good” visibility
  • 50.6% have no idea whether their existing monitoring tools can handle 10G traffic
  • 31.6% KNOW that their tools will not handle 10G
  • Less than 10% plan to migrate to 10G over the next 12 months
  • Almost 60% believe that they have to buy new tools!

In the following weeks we will summarize the results and will provide additional insights into our industry.