Microsoft Selects Ixia to Ensure Lync Application Reliability on Mobile Devices
Ixia launches Channel Xcelerate programme
Heartbleed hackers hit Mumsnet website
1.5 Million Mumsnet Members at Risk from Heartbleed Hack
Heartbleed May Have Led to Compromises at Mumsnet and Canada Revenue Agency

Load Balancers relieve overloaded monitoring tools by distributing traffic, by flow, to multiple replicated tools working in parallel.

Phantom Solutions provide 100% visibility for virtual and physical traffic

Virtual Tap awards for Phantom Virtual Tap and Phantom HD

Indigo Pro is a network management appliance tailored for centralized management of large numbers of Net Optics monitoring access devices.

Net Optics Director is a 'Smart Filtering' appliance that directs traffic of interest to monitoring tools.

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Fast and reliable, our passive network taps provide access for security and network management devices on all types of networks.

Simple and ultra-efficient, our Aggregator Taps provide access to full-duplex links using just a single NIC on the monitoring or analyzer tool.

iTaps iTap technology and Web Manager provide a unique new set of tools directly from the Tap.

Regeneration Real-time, simultaneous passive monitoring of network links with multiple intrusion detection systems, protocol analyzers, RMON probes or other devices.

Bypass Switches provide a trouble-free access port for in-line network security and monitoring devices